Long ago, the world was ruled by many gods. In those days, magic was real, and humankind clashed with monsters. But the world changed, humanity shifted focus away from their gods and towards science, and the magical beasts of the world were slain by heroes. Many of the world’s gods began to diminish in influence, as human beings doubted their existence and forgot them. Some disappeared entirely, preferring to release their energy to other forms, rather than cling to this world and the few individuals that still believed in them. Still others refuse to let go of their powers and their shapes, and fight to be known by a human race that continues to evolve.

The world is due for another drastic change, as science has become advanced enough to detect some truth to ancient beliefs of souls, spirits and worlds beyond the visible. In this time, mythic beasts are returning to the world, reincarnated as human beings. The unicorn, the pegasus, sea monsters and dragons, all are seeing light for the first time in centuries. These beings are finding that, in human form, they are tormented by the same strange energies which made them magic but also made them monsters for thousands of years.

The mighty Roc, the great legendary bird, is reborn as a girl named Parable, and her powers are the most extreme of all. She is guarded and adored by Gustovelt, who in a previous life was a monster so terrifying that ancient peoples were afraid to repeat her name. Many gods and humans will fight to control Parable’s power, but Gustovelt, who loves as only a monster is capable of love, will go to any extreme to protect what she cannot afford to lose.

The Lion and the Roc is an on-going comic series created by Kathleen Kralowec, and published by Comicker Digital.